ShopFloor, Zahner to show at AIA 2015

This year ShopFloor™ will have a feature booth at the annual convention for the American Institute of Architects. The show will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta, May 14-16, and will include a keynote address from former President Bill Clinton.

The ShopFloor™ booth will be #659 along the main aisle on the left side of the show, where designers can try out the tool and meet the Zahner engineers and developers behind the app. Follow ShopFloor on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about the upcoming show.

Building with the ShopFloor™ Platform

ShopFloor™ is an intuitive browser-based software platform that enables architects to design as well as manufacture complex facades, all from within a single tool. The most popular app for ShopFloor is currently ImageWall, a metal mosaic facade generator that gives users a simple interface to create perforated facades using their own uploaded imagery.

Using the ImageWall™ app, a designer can upload their own picture or sketch, and see it transformed as a perforated facade, instantly. The facade can then be manipulated, adjusting panel size, height, materials and more, all while keeping an eye on the instant pricing in the bottom corner.

ShopFloor's ImageWall app in Architectural Record, May 2015
ShopFloor’s ImageWall app in Architectural Record, May 2015
Detail of the ImageWall metal mosaic, showing how the metal is perforated through each seam, giving the image a unified appearance.
Detail of the metal mosaic made with ImageWall™ which shows how the metal is perforated through each seam, giving the surface a unified appearance.

Transparent pricing is a feature available on all of the ShopFloor apps, giving architects a radical insight into the cost of their designs. Transparent pricing provides designers with the security of knowing that the price they see, is the price they get.

Learn more and sign up for ShopFloor™, or come visit us at the AIA in Atlanta next week.