Notes for beta testing Aluminum Bench

This week we introduced the second round of beta testing and began rolling it out to those who signed up for the beta. If you haven’t signed up, feel free to signup and we’ll add you to the testing group when a slot becomes available.


We’re interested in getting any feedback you have after using the app. Please send any difficulties or bugs that you discover to, and if possible, please include what browser and version, and what system and operating system you’re running.

Known Bugs

As we introduce more users to the beta for the Aluminum Bench app, we’d like to share a few known issues and bugs in beta version 0.9.1:

  • It doesn’t work on Internet Explorer. Currently, IE isn’t compatible with WebGL, and it may be some time before we come up with a good solution.
  • Safari has a surface rendering issue — makes the bench appear translucent. This will be fixed by the next release of Unity in September.
  • Some users have experienced long load times, especially on the first use. With a moderate internet connection, the longest it should take to load the first time is 15 seconds or so. If nothing happens after 20 seconds, try a hard reload:
    • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + R
    • PC: CTRL + SHIFT + R
    • Universal: Shift+Click on the “Reload” button in your browser
  • Chrome users experience a Unity error popup when navigating away from the bench app or refreshing the page in Chrome. This should be fixed by mid-August.
Screenshot of the Aluminum Bench app in Safari for Mac, which currently is failing to render the bench surface.
Screenshot of the Aluminum Bench app in Safari for Mac, which currently is failing to render the bench surface.

How to Best Submit Feedback & Bugs:

Please send feedback and report new bugs to We recommend adding some information about your computer’s operating system and what browser you’re using, especially when you’re encountering a bug we haven’t seen before.

When adding a system profile, here is an example of a full system profile, so that we can better identify what aspect of your system is creating the bug. If you experience the same problem in multiple browsers, please add the information for each browser.

OS X 10.10.3
2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

Version 8.0.5 (10600.5.17)


Version 43.0.2357.134 (64-bit)

Providing this information is optional, but highly useful for our debugging team at ShopFloor. It’s also pretty easy to look up. To see what browser version you’re using, simply go to the about section in the file bar, or just go to To see what system you’re using, you can just go to, which gives you a brief version and also tells you how to get a more in-depth system profile.

More than anything, we’re simply excited to see the wondrous things you build in the app! Please share your designs at @shopfloorapp on Twitter and our Facebook page.