A Long Overdue Launch

A year and-a-half ago, a small team of Zahner engineers came together and released a platform of apps called ShopFloor. We recognized that among the thousands of custom designs that had gone through our engineers and fabricators, there was a common thread tying these projects together.  We set about developing ways to hone in on which projects had the best qualities, which variables were necessary, and what tweaks we could do to increase the designer’s power, from rapid visualization to increased transparency. We’re distilling all of these factors into a series of powerful apps for building facades, and more.

Today isn’t the launch of a new product, it’s the launch of a simple blog, a place to talk about the new things we’re working on, the hurdles we’ve faced, and where we’re going next.

Always building,

— The ShopFloor team at A. Zahner Company, Kansas City.