Changes to ShopFloor

A few months ago, Google Chrome announced that it would no longer support the Unity player plugin which powers the 3D environment for our apps. We have been preparing for this shift by rewriting the codebase, and it just so happens that Aluminum Bench app will be the first tool to run on the new WebGL framework.

We’ve opened a beta for the new app, which now runs on a plugin-less WebGL Framework. After the Aluminum Bench beta period, we plan to move our other apps for ImageWall and CloudWall to the same WebGL framework, which means you can get started faster with no third-party plugins and (hopefully) a better user experience on all browsers.

Until Then?

For the time being, Firefox is our favorite browser for running ShopFloor. If you love using Google Chrome, you can currently re-enable Unity Web Player support by pasting this into your address bar for Google Chrome:


This will take you directly to the correct Chrome setting, and then simply click to enable it and restart your browser. You may also need to clear your cache, or do a a hard reload (CTRL+SHIFT+R for PC’s, CMD+SHIFT+R for Macs).

Changing your flags isn’t a dangerous thing to do, it just enables NPAPI-support as it was before Chrome automatically upgraded you to version 42. Now the Unity Web Player should work just like before.

This workaround will only work until September when support is removed for good. The other major browsers will likely follow in Google Chrome’s footsteps, so we’re working around the clock to resolve these issues for our users, and are planning to have everything running better than ever by this Fall.